Thursday, September 08, 2005

hello there….

Like every journal/blog on the ‘net, some days, this one is about not much of anything. Other days, I post new artwork, various inspirations, exhibit invites, photos, web clippings, links and even VIDEO! My artwork currently relies heavily on handmade paper, oil stick, etc. Photos are not retouched, unless noted.

Photos and artwork are available for viewing @ galleries
or you can check out my work at flickr or even more work (either art videos or really really silly video at my youtube site. ) I’m always up to something new it seems, and I keep a list of art related websites here. If you’re looking for my writings on web2.0 stuff, drop me a line. Please pardon the dust. I’m in between designs. I’m not sure when I’ll get updated. 

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Free learning from Microsoft

Just passing along a link and bookmarking for myself ;-)

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Friday, February 26, 2010

best of… secrets of the catalog / library metadata (presentation archives)

I decided to start digging out some of my old stuff that I either 1)haven't posted here before, or perhaps, 2)I posted it 5 years ago, but it is still relevant or 3) it is super popular (on twitter, on a blog, etc.) which makes me think it is worth a re-post. I promise my site is not about to become a re-hash and just like for the Question of the Day, these will have their own category and header. So, first up is a presentation from 2003(ish?) on the secrets of library databases (catalogs).

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

More changes at Facebook / removing profile boxes

Heads up… more changes for Facebook.
I've gotten 3 notices in the last 3 days about moving applications to tabs. Profile boxes are going away. I have my Pandora playlist embedded in what I thought was a box, but FB calls it an information area, so maybe that one is okay.

It does appear that you can still move them to a Boxes tab to put them all in one spot, but they will no longer be directly embedded on your profile page.

Kind of sucks, doesn't it?
To see what you've put in a box:
Go to Account> Application Settings>Added to Profile

Also, for those of you who play games at FB (farmville, mafia wars, etc. — you know who you are), if you want notifications, you will need to go through an email address. You can add a new email address to FB to give you more choices or you can choose FB random email.
To change to a new email to your facebook account:
Go to Account>Account Settings>Settings>Click change next to email
I'm not quite sure what that is yet (the new FB email that has been talked about on the 'net? or just that I'll get notifications but they will come in through email somehow???)

that's all I know about at the moment.

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Question of the Day: How to search your own tweets at twitter

So, this was MY question today: as in, I wanted to re-post a tweet about moonshine arts & literary magazine. I couldn't quite remember what I wrote and I didn't use a #hashtag. So what to do? How do you search your own twitter feed? There are lots of cool trending tools out there, but those are very limited in terms of timeframe. I personally like trendtastic.

Per my usual M.O. I tweeted, buzzed, & facebook'd my request –even before I google'd, now what does that tell ya? I tell you what it tells me — I trust my networks of techies, artists, photographers, librarians, metadata mavens, programmers, hackers, writers, proj managers DIVAS — the creme de cool , more than google for quick answers.

Here is what I tried BEFORE I tweeted my plea for help:

None of these achieved any results. Strange, no? Not even the advanced search feature was successful. I know that I can scroll back chronologically through my posts but that is a LOT of work.

Doesn't this seem like a huge failure on twitter's part? Surely there are times when people what to see something from a previous week or month…and how will that fit into the semantic web? If the semantic web is all about the data and finding relevant info, whoa… huge hole.

One answer
My friend and webgurl, Amy, tweeted back almost instantly:

set up an RSS feed for own tweets & search in Thunderbird.

Looking at it from the RSS angle, I pulled my twitter feed into google reader, but that pretty pretty much starts with today, so didn't help me find my moonshine arts tweet. I did find it using advanced search using friendfeed (yeah, I have an account there, too!), so big kudos to them. Good luck if you ever want to find anything in twitter or facebook. It's nearly impossible — perhaps, this is where google buzz will score its biggest hit.
…and if I'm wrong and there is an easier way to do this, by ALL means, please let me know — because I'm not the only one who wants to see what they have tweeted.

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